Welcome our newest members David Menasco Darcel Offo Cox Paul LaPrevotte...


Welcome our newest members! David Menasco, Darcel Offo Cox, Paul LaPrevotte, Steven Michaud and Jim Hayes! This site has a wealth of knowledge regarding the 1300 Deluxe. Look around, say hi and always... post pics. Welcome guys!

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  • i read that the 1300 gets around 45 mpg, what do you get with that power commander

  • I get a little less but remember... EPA requirements ensure new bikes run lean for environmental purposes. This is not necessarily efficient for the engine. Adding a power commander and auto tune (02 sensor) will ensure your mixture is correct at ALL times regardless of gear and/or throttle position. This means the bike will perform very well but may run a little richer in some cases. Power Commanders aren't for everyone... some may not agree and they certainly aren't necessary to enjoy the bike... but it was necessary for me. :-)

  • thanx for your inmput, helped alot !!

  • Here's my bike from a ride on the Blue Ridge Parkway last year.

  • In color...

  • Nice, my wife and i , took off from fort kent, maine and went to north carolina, and we rode the park way, it was a really awesome ride, went to grand father mountain, we loved it !!

  • Almost 4000 miles, round trip, our butts were soar, for sure.. lol

  • Welcome to everyone. It is a great site. Great people and information.

  • Welcome to our humble group! Here's my baby.

  • Thanks for the add . I have an 05 royal star.