Well boys I have a carb question My buddy rides a 660rap and its having some...


Well boys I have a carb question. My buddy rides a 660rap and its having some issues. It seems in 2-3 gear it pukes and grabbs sputters and pops. Usually in the midrange on the throttle. Give it hell and goes like a mofo. I didn't propory clean the carbs but I drowned them in carb cleaner and the issue went away for afew rides then it started acting up again. Has anyone had this problem with a yammy motor/carb

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  • Take your carb apart. Your low end jet is plugged

  • Probably water or buildup from ethenol in the bowl need to dissasemble and clean. Best to run premium with no ethenol and shut fuel off and idle untill carbs run dry for storage or if not going to be driven for a little while

  • Theres a drain screw on the carbs so you dont have to run it empty.

  • I know about carbs I'm sure if I gave it a good cleaning I'd be fine. Could also be that he don't have a lid for his air box and idk if his exsaust is factory or not. Its an 02 and look like the carbs have never been pulled