Well. I did a little review today standard screen vs Ermax vs no screen


Well.... I did a little review today, standard screen vs Ermax vs no screen. Will post a link to the YouTube vid in a bit.

Anyways I was very impressed with the screen removed, totally transformed the front end without having something buffeting about in front of you. I'd seen loads of people go for short (stubby?) screens on here and I wasn't entirely convinced, however having testing today I'm sure this is the way forward for me. No screen was good but didn't enjoy the wind hitting my chest at full blast, I'm hoping a small screen may cure this problem?

Anyway, what small screens are we all using? (Any excuse for a pic of ya bike hey!)

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  • Think I'm swaying towards the MRA, looks good. Not a bad price at £65 on eBay too. Also I can collect it as I only live 10 miles from the seller, result!

  • I have the MRA Sportscreen and have a lot of buffering. I stand up and it's good. I don't want to drive around with a whole window in front of me !

  • This is one I knocked up myself. Works fantastic. I did the same and rode without a screen for quite awhile and this works well. Just enough protection on your chest and clear air on the helmet. Am currently doing another mold with a slightly bigger bubble but same height......just because I can. Whole thing cost me less than 20 dollars to do.

  • Looks amazing! Wish I had the skills!

  • Here's my attempt at the small review I mentioned in my original post if anyone is interested....


  • Went for the MRA short screen , works for me !

  • Just looks better

  • The Standard screen is a joke. The only screen to use at hwy speeds is the Puig screen.

    Cutting down down a screen for looks is a little too vain for me.

  • Its not vanity. A shorter screen works better on the tracer.

  • So cruising down the Hwy at 80mph for hours at a time you're little screen works well at keeping the wind of you're chest & head?

  • Yes and also leas turbulance.

  • Hahaha that's funny

  • Its not funny. I prefer the look of the standard screen. Its just a small screen is better. I had a puig screen also and that was no good.

  • VANITY ( I prefer the look) hahahaha.

  • Went for the MRA in the end, just fitted it. Also put a couple of spacers on the screen adjustment bracket to stop it from rattling...

    I now have an Ermax touring for sale

  • Does it wobble??

  • No wobble. Although it didn't wobble for me with any of the others fitted either