Well I lied


Well, I lied =(

Bike ran good for a minute, then started acting up again. I decided to swap sides with my coils, but I'm still not getting consistent spark on the rhs cylinder..I'm completely stumped, and getting quite frustrated.

%d comments
  • It would run lean if cracked. I would check and if stock just replace both. Dried rubber long term is bad news...

  • I've got steel "sleeves" around the rubber boot.

  • I read over on the XS forum that alot of guys don't support the carbs and the intakes crack from the weight.

  • I just replaced them not too long ago, but they were second hand parts.

  • My gut feeling is that I've lost compression on the right cylinder.

    I've got spark as far as I can tell, I'm getting fuel and air, switching the coils, spark plugs, and wires, does nothing, and it only struggles under load.

  • I'll definitely be stopping in at AutoZone or Advanced, whichever is closest, tomorrow and getting to the bottom of this!

  • There's one about 20 minutes from here, but they're all about their Harleys..not entirely sure how they'd feel about my "Jap Crap"

  • I actually just relocated to NC about 3 months ago..about an hour west of Charlotte

  • process of elimination Ian, starting with points, check that the insulator bushes are good, and that there is no oil film behind the points bases. From there it is a case of finding the specs and progressively checking every thing with an ohms meter. That means coils, coil leads, plug caps and resistor. Take the time and do it progressively

  • My bet is on one cylinder with broken rings, it will still fire and burn ok with no load, it will also rev up nicely, you must do a compression test to find out now, and since you changed oil recently... some engines are oil sensitive... just my 2 cents