Well I too need to sell my soul to the devil to afford new tyres and 6000mile...


Well I too need to sell my soul to the devil to afford new tyres and 6000mile service. Today off for tyres. Don't shout but I'm getting .... dare I say.... Dunlop RoadSmart III. If they're shite I'll ride up to the factory and shout at some brummies

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  • Think the road smart III are meant to be good but please give us a review once you've done a few miles

  • Will do!

  • I've put the Roadsmart III on a week ago. Had a weekend riding in Eifel/Germany (curvy, mountain roads with wet patches and wet leaves) and they were spot on. They're supposedly the best tyres out there today.

  • I thought Dunlops had been made in Japan for a decade or more. Birmingham for competition tyres or something? The Dunlops on the Honda NC750X were so bad many owners had them replaced under warranty! Including mine. Will not buy Dunlop after two poor OE fitments, they don't deserve my custom.

  • I'm sorry I still think I'll have the right to kick a brummie if necessary

  • Dunlops can be made in Japan by Sumitomo as with the D222 OE fitment. In Europe & USA, Dunlop is owned by Goodyear. Fort Dunlop in Birmingham closed and is now a Travelodge. I think their main European motorcycle division is now in Montlucon, France. Bit of a way to go to donner un coup.

  • Makes sense to move to France and try to learn how to make a tyre like the lovely Michelin. Love PR4s.