Well I wanna admit I apparently don t get near 220 miles in a tank filled up...


Well I wanna admit I apparently don't get near 220 miles in a tank.. filled up then drove bout 15 miles to work... annddd I only get 4 miles out of a full tank. Damnit. Lol.

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  • It makes fun of our hospitality. That's legit pretty accurate haha. It's also making fun of the "bayman" aka people who live in rural areas with the "Newfie talk" lol Hurricane Igor was really bad here a couple years ago. A lot of damage.

  • Getting "screeched in" is a big deal here too for our visitors. YouTube it :)

  • I love when Conan Obrian gets screeched in by Natasha Henstridge http://youtu.be/d3bD7427Nqc

  • ahh good I knew if I just waited it out you would find a example for me hahah

  • ahahahaha okay yalls accents are like that first video? thats some awesome accents. the comments on the Conan thing make me think thats not being screeched in.... though ill take your word for it, thanks for sharing some of your heritage! and detailing my topic.. AGAIN ... ha! I kid I kid.

  • Christina Neno ^

  • No the Conan one is, it's just not as good as we do. It's not the traditional way. Same steps same words same kissing a fish Lol and yes our accents are like the first one but mine isn't like that. It's mostly people from outside the city that sound that way. People always ask me if I'm a "mainlander" or from the states because I don't have as bad of an accent but it comes out from time to time when I am around others whose accent is strong. We like to add an "s" to the end of most words so we always say I likes that I loves that and I tend to do that stuff still I just don't sound as thick. Our accent is like a cross between Irish, British, and gibberish hahaha

  • Oh my gosh brice search "Newfoundlander vs" on YouTube lol there are a dozen of them and they're messed up haha

  • Lmao, well I learned something very interesting today! So outside the city is where I need to visit to enjoy good accents.... noted lol, woot some clips to watch during work hours tomorrow yay! Ha