Well it had to happen it was my turn This morning I was riding to meet a mate...

Well, it had to happen....it was my turn. This morning I was riding to meet a 'mate for coffee this morning a woman in a Mazda sedan turned left in front of me on my motorcycle. We missed each other by inches!! The ONLY THING that saved me was my NOT assuming that she saw me coming. When she turned directly in front of my I had already given myself time to react, and a route to miss her. I was able to run her down and ask her about the choices she had just made, and also about how she would be feeling if she had KILLED ME!

She replied, "I didn't see you.".........yup, that's right, friends!!!!

To all my riding friends out there.....please, Please, PLEASE take responsibility for your ride.

And to the rest of you......Look Twice, Save a Life.....Motorcycles are Everywhere!!!