Well it was short lived Bought this 97 650 off a friend with a broken rear...


Well, it was short lived. Bought this 97 650 off a friend with a broken rear final drive with 46k on it in July

Repaired it and flew through its mot. Got loads of goodies to convert it over the winter to a bobber (levers, headlight, indicators, new clutch, oils n filters, mirrors etc) but was all cut short when someone pulled out on me last friday.

A dislocated left shoulder

Dislocated and broken right wrist

Broken left ring finger (took an hour to cut my wedding ring off)

Broken right foot and some gravel rash.

The NHS are out standing and im home now.

Sadly the bike is awaiting collection by the insurance company as its buggered

My concern is they will try to stitch me up on the value

It was in good condition but had a few miles on. Any ideas as there are not alot of these this age for sale



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  • always refuse the first 2 offers but they wont go past book price unfortunately, unless you have told them of upgrades and agreed a value

  • What you will have to do is claim for everything and anything off there insurance and hopefully end up about even in the end .

  • Cheers lads

    im not after loads and its a bone stock bike

    I paid £1000 for it but cant find any book prices

    Hoping i can at least recoupe my purchase price

  • You'll probably get more than that.. granted sale prices are higher but about 2k is average for a 650 and 3k for an 1100

  • Firstly glad to hear you're still with us and the bones will mend.

    How much was the bike insured for, what was the condition and how much rewound it cost to replace with a similar bike ? Also don't forget to screw every penny you can out of the dumb ass driver who should be held accountable for their poor driving standards.

  • Send you a pm

  • You should get your money back no problem. Obviously minus the bloody excess

  • you can claim your excess back off the other sides insurance

  • excess is covered anyway as its the other persons fault and wont be hit with that thankfully

    genuinely gutted about the bike

    even looked at at a vmax engine that went for£95 whilst i was in hospital


  • i was 4 streets from home and the lad does not live far

    it is one of those things, and i am great full to still be breathing

    the bike can be replaced

  • well

    the insurance company values ol faithfull at £1400

    an average miles bike (26k) with fsh is valued at £1600 and they take of £15 for every 1k miles over

  • I'd argue that you could have sold it before the accident and would have got at least £2000 for yours. The book value is much lower than the real price these bikes do go for.

  • Thanks ken