Well just a little update on hellbound racing from ebay That shifter they were...


Well just a little update on hellbound racing from ebay. That shifter they were supposed to send me for free in return for revising my feedback for horse shit service has never showed after a month and a half they said it would be a couple weeks and since then wont reply . So im gonna buy some grips or something and leave the original intended feedback i dont forget anything like that they were hoping i would

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  • Huh?? I have bought a lot from Hellbound Racing on eBay and never had any problems with there service

  • Yeah well they sold me a shifter they didnt have sent me a 400ex 2 dollar plastic petcock knob gave me the run around about it after not answering me for a week about it offered to make it right by sending me a free one and refunding me in exchange for revising my feedback once that was done they swept me under the rug thinking there was nothing i could do about it after that they are gonna get that feedback they originally cringed their balls off about before

  • Call the shop and speak to mike or mark. Ben if u need there number pm me and I'll give it to u. They really are honest people. And really are great guys.

  • Yeah well oddly enough just like last time "she" gets back to me after i expose their shit . She basically told me the order has been pushed way back because these shifters are held up in customs in china . Well you know what i dont give a shit if their sitting in jail for illegally crossing some border thats completely besides the point it was their obligation to at least let me know when i asked them three weeks into the Wait what the deal was instead of blowing me off ignoring me them fucks only wanna answer if their reputation is jeopardized its pure bs . Then she wanted to get all subliminal on me basically telling me if i have a problem with it to call the makers of the shifter and complain . NO you know what assholes (hellbound) they weren't the ones who sold me something they didnt have and give me some run around about it . In fact it was the makers who decided to cover their ass by crediting them a free one. Ok so i dont run a business but i sure as fuck know it wouldnt be like that f i did im at the end of my rope with that bullshit it doesnt even matter if they do eventually send it after talking that shit i dont support bad business regardless of their rep with other ppl which seems to be great my experience is completely unsatisfactory

  • Report the issues to a to eBay! Do you have the messages still?

  • Yep i got them all i didt think id have too. I dont even want to see if they replied to my last message because i wasnt nice to their asinine reply

  • Ben Larson call the retail store. And speak to mike directly.