Well they came in today and each package is labeled with what part they go to...


Well they came in today, and each package is labeled with what part they go to on the wheeler. Very nice buy, thanks motorsport fastners!

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  • Yea especially with the older years the bolts just rust straight into the frame.

  • There junk. I orderd the same set. Stripped like clay. Worst 100$ I ever spemt

  • Ya 100 is a lot of money for fucking bolts they got a kit on ebay for 40. That's y when I rip mine apart I go easy n put all the bolts in plastic bags n label them just dont throw them in box. I want to get a kit just to have but aint paying 100 fuck that shit

  • I put mine in bags and labeled them as well, but this bolt kit was well worth it. Stainless steel bolts all original. I mean you get what you pay for

  • I bought that exact kit. Trust me those bolts are junk. My 92 year old arthritis ridden dog can strip them out

  • Just because you had a bad experience doesn't mean everyone else will. That's your opionion. Just like in my opionion 2 strokes are great quads. Some people hate them. You had a bad experience we get it.

  • Just trying to help lmao have fun drilling them out

  • You probably didn't use metric like it says

  • Stainless bolts are great but have to have some sort of lube applied to them or they will gall and strip.

  • Yea it says right one the label use anti-seize silver or nickel