Welp I found out the snorkels work great sat in that spot for 5mins water ended...


Welp I found out the snorkels work great sat in that spot for 5mins water ended up coming over the center console. I have videos I can't figure out how to upload them on this page.

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  • I did the grease on the airbox like I alway have done that way I can service the airfilter easy.

  • Exactly same thing happened to me Friday night, mine was stuck under running for almost a hour. Was hung on a stump, no tire touching. Was scared to let it go to an idle to put it in neutral. Filled inside with sand all the way to seat, sand ended up covering gas pedal. It was a screwed up situation. I ended up putting my hand over exhaust to kill it. Sat there for another hour with hand over exhaust pipe with people trying to get it out. Finally said fuck it and let it have a drink of water. Three oil changes and was back at it....... But fan burnt up. Was in water to top of seat. Was a bad night.

  • Damn that sucks. Did you run the fan breather up?

  • Yea...... Something got it..... Hoping just a fuse....... Didn't feel like checking it out last night...... Just drug it back to camper.

  • crazy

  • When I say top of seat, I meant top of seat back. Lol. Couple inches from Snorkles going under.

  • You should have put a water bottle over the muffler to keep the water out its a tight fit

  • Damn man, that's brilliant! Will remember that, hopefully for someone else though! Lol

  • That decal is beside glove box.... Notice the angle of water in the pic, was way deeper on driver side.

  • Lol yea I'd have to say you went deep. Is anyone else's burning oil? It's either that or Yamaha didn't fill it up all the way