What a deal 980 AUD converts to 728 USD so I bought mine And it comes with a...


What a deal. $980 AUD converts to $728 USD so I bought mine! And it comes with a blow off valve and engine cooling kit as well.

WHAT A STEAL on one of the best intercoolers on the market!

http://www.worx.com.au/index.php?com=com_products& action=view&itemid=149

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  • please post some pics when it is installed. would love to see how it looks :) cant find it anywhere on the forum

  • Certainly will. It's coming directly from WORX in Australia so no telling how long it will take to arrive.

  • great! maybe around 3 weeks tops, USA-Seychelles its usually around this time frame via post,

  • These are top quality. We run them in boats that allow them here in Australia. But new ijsba stock class rules won't allow us to in 2016, otherwise we would.

  • Wondering how to order direct at that price. Price keeps coming up in USD 980

  • Not sure. My paypal invoice showed $728

  • any updates on the intercooler?

  • Yes. Worx advised that they had a long backorder on the BOV so I canceled the order.

  • I have this on my fx svho