What are the best mods you can do to a stock bore blaster I m talking best pipe...

What are the best mods you can do to a stock bore blaster I'm talking best pipe best rear end you name it let's see it annnnndddd go!!

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  • The type of riding you wish to do will determine the pipe and carb you need to use .

    The pipe married with a head rechamber and porting seems to be the best bang for your buck,

  • I do trail and flat top ridding a lot I have a fmf gold fatty pipe a lot of power in the low end but not a lot in the top I want a happy medium stock carb as well

  • The fatty works extremely well with the stock carb.

    You will not get much top end out of a Fatty it is designed for Low/mid operation

  • For better up top and mid-range I'd highly recommend a toomey pipe. I love it for tight woods and hills.

  • A head rechamber will stretch your arms a little more....

  • Coupled with stock carb and aggressive port work it really shines.

  • I agree. I was going to mention that in the last post, but you had already mentioned that

  • The Toomey B1 is a great all round pipe....

  • I've been thinking of the b1 pipe would it matter what silencer I match it up with

  • I agree terry. And after porting and head rechamber it really wakens up the top end. At least the porting i had done did. Stuffer crank and advanced timing really help bring me into the power real fast in those tight sections in the woods but allows me to pull hard up hills. Also running boysen reeds and air box mod.

  • Don't get me wrong, it ran great with just the toomey before i had the port work done. But it certainly has more power now lol

  • I use a pro circuit platinum pipe and silencer, with a Vito's ported piston, stock cylinder and a pwk carb....mid through red line pulls like a mule, I have lots of wide open area to ride

  • Porting does far more than that super stock piston. That pro circuit pipe is what's helping you pull hard up top and in the mid range. It's right next to toomey in that area.

  • However, if ya got the coin, a right bend pipe will really help you make some real nice power up top. Right bend is top dog on the blaster. Ct, lrd, factory 7, dyno port, and im sure there's others i don't know about.

  • Reeds and air filter has gotten me plenty of power

  • Reeds seldom produce any more power, the just improve throttle response.

    Air filters have to be jetted for, so if you have fitted an air filter that has improved the power the AFR may just be on the wrong side of dangerously lean , which may leave a nasty hole in your bill fold.

  • Uh-oh.

  • So would you suggest that I jet? And if so what should I jet it to?

  • List all engine mods, pipe, carb, air filter, air box lid and pre mix ratio.

  • Send me your cylinder and head for porting and head re-chamber.

    https://www.facebook.com/cycle techperformance/

  • Engine mods are boyseen reeds, k&n air filter without air box lid, stock pipe, stock carb, and I use the oil injection system already on the bike

  • OEM

  • 250-260 main jet.

    Plug chop to confirm

  • Toomey B1 with Boysen reeds! 310 main jet, no airbox cover = 25% more HP.