• What are your mods RPM s and speeds

    What are your mods, RPM's and speeds?

    • 2015 FX SVHO. Stock. Speedo shows 72-73, one GPS run showed 69. Sadly, my previous ski was a 2008 FX SHO, and I can't really tell much difference with either speed or acceleration. I do like RIDE, and this hull rides and handles better.

    • 2014 Yamaha FX, R&D R3 ECU, Solas 13/19, 4" DIY Air Intake, DIY Ribbon Delete, Leo's Pump Wedge, FZR 85mm Nozzle, IPD Graphics Kit, - 81.1mph @ 8190rpm's (GPS)

    • The 14 model I rode "Stock" after it was broke in did 72.3 mph on Garmin 76 sc. Was on river current so that might have helped. Mid range is what I was impressed with as you better be hanging on or you will be wet.. By the way I weigh over 330 pounds "Dry" :-)

    • Stage 2.

      Wouldn't have a clue how fast it goes. Unplugged the speedo

    • Why? And are you not getting an alarm?

    • No alarm

    • 2014 FX SVHO

      Rpm upped to 8350

      Riva cooling upgrade

      Dual impeller

      Used for hydroflight.