• What bar end mirrors are people using

    What bar end mirrors are people using?

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    • I have avoided them because I don't want to lose my bar weights and think my bike is hard enough to get between my trucks as it is.

    • I've done it because I love the look but it's been nothing but a huge lunchbox let down... they vibrate and do not work well...

    • Got mine at cycle gear I think the brand was speed metal

    • Yeah but the v twin vibrates so much the stock mirrors are pretty much useless too. When I want to look behind me at highway speeds I have to pull in the clutch and let it idle lol.

    • Also true lol

    • I'm getting new bars soon so I'll be rethinking the mirrors once again lol

    • Street wise. $20, I think. I removed the throttle grip and tapped both weights to bolt the mirrors in. They don't vibrate, and function 100% better than factory.

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