what can i do for numb and soar butt i have a 2013 v star 1300 deluxe i want to...


what can i do for numb and soar butt, i have a 2013 v star 1300 deluxe, i want to ride in comfort, this seat that comes with the bike, blows !! please let me know of any seats that would make my ride, awesome !!

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  • Ok, i have a 07 1300 38,000 miles i took my seat to an upholstery shop an carved out the hard stuff an put in an inch of firm an than an inch of medium. Made a new cover an it fills like a recliner seat. Both seats done for 250 bucks. Half what mustang seat where. Love it

  • 2 hours no problem. It will push you a bit forward so if you are tall you nay not like that. I'm 5'8" and love it.

  • I have Ultimate seat with backrest, but for $100 less my husband got ED Seat. If I had to do over I would get ED.

  • A backrest can make a big difference. Might be worth getting a cheaper one to see how it does for you.

  • AirHawk. Better than Mustang seats but even better when you combine them both!

  • I have the ultimate seat with drivers backrest also. Love it.

  • I have the Yamaha Solo seat and OEM seat, Solo seat looks great around town and provides some lower back support but is thin on support under the thighs...for long trips I go back to OEM seat...two seats, two applications for one butt

  • AirHawk !

  • I have the Mustang 3 piece. It may set you higher and a little farther forward, but the comfort is a HUGE payoff. I still run the OEM seat around town because the sitting position is more relaxed for me.

  • My seat got better with time,after a while the seat conforms to you, I also added a drivers backrest which made a huge difference in comfort.