What do u guys use for pipes Kind a wanna louden mine up a bit Prefer with...


What do u guys use for pipes? Kind a wanna louden mine up a bit. Prefer with out resetting if possible

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  • I'm pretty sure. I know it's rebuilt waiting to her back from the guy who rebuilt it to find out if stock or not.

  • Gonna assume a rebuild as in 'bored over to fit next fresh piston' if so it's still considered stock. But ya I'd go with an fmf full exhaust, ditch the snorkel and start with a 280 main and plug chop and work from there on correct jetting

  • Plug chop?

  • Yes, warm the engine up, fit a new plug, then u want to go WOT all the way to 5th gear ( you want the quad to pull as hard as it can on the main circuit) , then hold for about 5-10sec wot in 5th then quickly pull the clutch shutoff the machine and quickly come to a stop, then get the quad back to wherever, fit a new or used plug to ride back to the garage. Take the plug that was just used for the test, and take a hacksaw and cut the threads off. This will reveal the smoke ring on the porcelain. U r looking for a cardboard color or a hair darker for the correct jetting.

  • O OK. I was wondering what I was looking at. I think I can maybe get that kinda time on my road in 5th might be close. What's a good plug to run? And good place to get jets?

  • B8ES plug, and if u have a local shop for jets. If not get only genuine mikuni jets! But I have no idea where everyone orders them at online

  • I order my jets from rocky Mountain. Oem mikuni

  • Jets-R-Us

  • When ordering jets for any brand carb Jets-r-us is the best place to shop

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