What do you do for fun on your boat

What do you do for fun on your boat?

  • Everything Kyle said, but go to Dinner.

  • Hands down the best times on the boat come after dark, usually anchored in a cove, and it includes sunsets, wine, cheese, grapes, and desirable company ;)

  • We usually tie up with 20 other boats. Everyone brings a dish and drinks. Some boats have great sound systems, some have "dancing poles" and we have a blast all day and into the night.

  • Drink excessively with half naked women

  • Ya in Canada we can't drink on the boat

  • Ouch

  • Whattttt. Noooooo. Seriously? ?? Not even Canadian syrup (aka rum) ??

  • I would never condone such a thing as trying to pull a fast one....but....hmmmm. http://www.ebay.com/itm/like/1 30299050102?lpid=82&chn=ps&ul_ noapp=true

  • Party Cove!

  • The vessel has permanent sleeping facilities

    The vessel has permanent cooking facilities

    The vessel has a permanent toilet

    The vessel is anchored or secured alongside a dock

    Only if all are meet on a boat can we drink

  • LOL....are you allowed to actually take it out on the water...lol I will admit; in TX, at least at my lake, you can't drink out of glass bottles; but otherwise, they don't care if you drink soda, beer, wine, or liquor....now you can get a BUI which goes under your car licence as a DUI if you get caught drunk....I think if I lived in canada, I would be drinking lots of mixed drinks,or have a case of can covers on board....lol

  • What lake is that?

  • You can transport it but if anything is open its a huge fine and goes on the drivers license even if the driver is sober

  • MOVE!

  • Thanks for all the great ideas

  • Lewisville

  • Marc Smith I thought it looked familiar. I'm not too far. My boat lives in a slip at Lynn Creek Marina on Joe Pool.

  • Back up onto the sandbar, get the grill and drinks going, fill up the inflatables, and dig in for a long night of battery draining.

  • Just saw this. We need to get together this summer lol