What do you guys think. My vision for my bolt


What do you guys think? My vision for my bolt.

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  • Hey Jeff, I live in the dog house because of that.

  • That is true, every month i buy something different

  • Custom paint, bitwell handlebars, rear turn signal, led headlight,exhaust wrap,license plate mount, k&n air filter leave the stock airbox( because i sometimes ride in the rain),cobra fuel controller, waiting my cobra exhaust next week

  • Missing gps and side end mirrors

  • looks good lower the back and make the fender flush over tire

  • I would get ride of the stock airbox, I've ridden in the rain with the Hard Times open K and N filter and there are no problems, Plus you will gain more HP with the K an N filter than you will with doing the exhaust

  • Thanks for the info Peter Nels Fredrickson, my mechanics told me to be aware of rain if I change to a open style air filter and i am in a country that rains alot, thats why i prefer keeping stock airbox, but i have seen agtermarket airbox that looks good and have a close design

  • ummm? AWESOME!!!

  • Grasshopper?

  • Preying Mantis!