What fuel oil ratio are you guys running I just got a 97 and need to know what...

What fuel/oil ratio are you guys running I just got a 97 and need to know what ratio is best? Also I just cleaned the carbs and the bike still won't idle please help

  • Im running 32:1 c12 in my 2001 heavily moded motor but 32:1 is good for the bike lots of oil just have to adjust carbs accordingly

  • Has anyone tried 800 synthetic

  • Just reading through the manual for mine and it says to run a ratio of 30:1...

  • Got to idle but I'm new to 2 stroke someone told me you really don't want 2 strokes to idle is this true and mixed my gas 32:1

  • 32:1!!! And run premium

  • 32:1

  • No, I wind my idle screw down until they only fire once or twice in case I accidentally let go of the throttle. It's hard to get them to idle consistently and if you wind the idle up until they idle hot they'll idle at half throttle when you cold start them with the choke on. You'll also get more and more consistent engine braking if they shut right off when you close the throttle.

  • I run 32:1 but I also run a high revving 125 on the same mix. But it's not your mix that's doing it. You could run from 25:1 to 50:1 and not make much difference although it will alter the jetting a bit.

  • I cleaned the carb and pulled a 172 jet out I don't know if it was the main or pilot but I'm at 5000 ft does this sound right?

  • 32-1 I would bet you have a clogged jet. It is hard to see with the naked eye. I use the wire off a bread rapper. The hole in the jets are very small and it just takes a tiny bit of crap to clog them.