What is the best hyd break setup for a blaster Front and rear I need pics and...


What is the best hyd break setup for a blaster? Front and rear. I need pics and ideas. Also is it worth converting to hyd?Thank you

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  • 2003 - 2006 blaster front spindles, Hubs, calipers and rotors, brake lines, master cylinder

    2003 - 2006, axle, caliper brake line, rear disc, master cylinder, right foot peg , food brake pedal

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  • This is the easiest way but also the most expensive way.

  • If I was doing it, I'd buy ken OConnor conversion spindles, or 03-06 blaster spindles, an the rest of the front brake parts off a banshee or a warrior, there much cheaper an exactly the same. As for rear, I'd do a banshee axle an brake hub, an banshee or warrior rear brake parts. You'll need to fab some brackets to attach the master cylinder to frame and resivour to frame. Also gonna have to mod a brake pedal. An you'll need a 03-06 blaster carrier or fab a bracket to mount caliper to the cable caliper carrier.

  • There has been lots of questions about brake conversions lately. Can we add stickys or something for frequently asked questions?

  • There is alot of repeat questions about everything, no one does any research any more, an when you make a suggestion on what they need they ask for links to the stuff. If my phone can google it so can anyone else's lol

  • Google? Wtf is google!!

  • I already have a ton of banshee parts. I know these can be used. My main question is to see some conversions in pictures and to know if it is worth doing ( converting to hyd from stock)

  • Yes hydraulic brakes are God sent, the stock blaster brakes suck, the rear calipers seize up an as soon as the front brakes get wet they don't work. I have banshee brakes on mine an if I grab a handful of front it will put you over the bars.

  • I use my foot. Has worked for men for thousands of years.