• What is this

    What is this?

    • If your not getting spark at all, you have a stator related electrical issue. It's possible you're new stator took a shit that quick. Best way to find out is to test it with a meter. Search on the forum. There are stator specs there, should be in the repair manual too

    • Its a new stator and parts he said it ran

    • He also said he's having spark problems after he changed it and had it running. It's highly possible he received faulty parts. That's why you should test electrical parts with a meter before you disassemble and reinstall

    • Ya Cuz his soeinoid wires weren't hooked up then it ran fine for awhile. My stator went it still starter for n ran 4 5 min once it got hot it staled. All quads are different could be stator but who nows already I don't no its werids things warriors do I guess I learned 9o% of problems on here I never had a problem with mine in 8 Yrs I owned it

    • Dalton Levi Lenard were is that wire buy

    • Back tire by the starter solenoid

    • James Reno I been tryin 2 help him for awhile no then he found the selinod wasn't hooked now Idk

    • Mines in my truck I'll look

    • Dalton Levi Lenard wish u lived buy me I would of had u take it 2 my Buddys shop it be fixed already n cheap

    • Iv had it running for two days. Then it started doin this again