What kind of damage can a lean running engine cause


What kind of damage can a lean running engine cause?

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  • Use the choke

  • Pull the plugs and reset at 28 thousand

  • I do. I have been starting just like im supposed to. turn key, turn on killswitch, listen for fuel pump to stop, full "choke", hold starter button until it starts.

  • The pilot jet are just fine ... it helps keep your AFR in the right range...

  • previous owners didnt do that. the starter clutches are noisy. at least thats what i think it is.

  • That will need to be replaced... don't buy off eBay get the actor replacement much better

  • Factory

  • yea. they left it sit a long time with gas in the bowls too so every now and then i suck a piece of trash into a jet. Im just dealing with that issue until i get it jetted. it can be cleaned good then.

  • Buy a couple cans of seafoam... run a 1/4 in every 2nd tank full it could clear up the problem

  • I have been running seafoam ever couple tanks now. I only have 2 cans threw it so far. My mech told me to spray half a can of 3m gumcutter right in the tank. Thats supposed to dissolve any trash it come in contact with. Im no mech. I only know the basics. changing oil, brakes, plugs. stuff like that.