What kind of light bars Are people running and do you need the alternator kit...


What kind of light bars. Are people running and do you need the alternator kit to add a led. At I was looking at the outlaw kit with the harness

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  • 42 in bar...

  • Don't buy an alternator.... buy a better battery

  • Thank you. Chad Doney I appreciate it

  • What battery do you run

  • Don't waste money on the outlaw kit. Buy a 42 inch auxbeam, and get a harness from Mike Zarzan (Ricky Stator). He makes a harness that activates the accessory when high beam is selected with the stock light switch.

  • Your stator puts out almost 45 amps , your fine with the stock setup.

  • I'm only running the stock for now. No need to upgrade yet. Would have to run alot of accessories to be able to justify it.

  • Rigid 40" bar and never had an issue, even with fans running, all lights on and in the sand so the power steering was on too, never dipped below 13v

  • I run 2 Amazon 50 inch light bars with stock battery and intercom and car to car and haven't had a problem