What s an axle brand that carries a warranty for the wolverine We ve already...


What's an axle brand that carries a warranty for the wolverine? We've already broke 2 factory axles with lift and 28's. Ordered slasher axles because yamaha shop said they had a warranty. Took lift off ran it one time and broke driver side axle. Called shop and found out they was wrong there is no warranty. What's even sader is even only had this machine a month and rode it 5 times

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  • If money isn't to big of a problem go with turner axles. They have to different ones. One has a year warranty an the other has a 2 yr. But the 2 yr ones are 650 per axle. You won't brake them.

  • Id rather break a $200 axle than a $800 chunk

  • That's true

  • The dealer is covering cost of this third axle but I'm sure it won't be the last time we break one. The slasher was supposed to be heavy duty but after it broke and compared it to factory they was identical. We are easy on ours and go around stuff our buddies rzrs are going through and still tear our shit up quicker.

  • www.sixity.com has warranty on axles, they have them for the Grizzly and Rhino not sure if they have them for the Wolverine

  • Hey Eric where do you get throttle control at

  • SuperATV with their Rhino Axles has a warranty. We had one on our Viking for two weeks and it broke and they replaced mine and shipped me another ASAP no questions asked.

  • Haha big repair bills helped me get it lol

  • Lmao that will definitely do it

  • But after u break 8 axles u coulda bought 2 chunks

  • Not if they have a warranty

  • We sell Rhino Axles

  • Turner Axles and forget it. Putting the lift on stresses the axles. Yes heavy foot can have something to do with it, but a 2" is the only bracket lift they offer for these I believe and that means that is as far as they could push it before causing issues. Turners are made for higher angles. We are dealers for Turner, Gorillas, and Demon Axles. If I can help let me know. Also if they sold you the lift and tires with it make them continue to warranty it.