What s everyone s preference when it comes to brand stator My 98 isn t...


What's everyone's preference when it comes to brand stator? My 98 isn't charging and multi meter isn't reading anything on the stator. Still have to go over the wiring to check my grounds but fairly certain it's the stator. Anyway, I don't want to put a cheap Chinese one in to just change it a month later. But also don't wana spend a bunch of money on an expensive one

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  • Price is steep on the oem ones

  • How much can you afford to spend ?

  • OEM

  • I'm not looking to spend more than 150 I already put 1600 into this bike throughout the year. I was thinkin oem but was hoping there was a reputable aftermarket performance part seeing as I have it bored, cammed, and hd valves. I'm looking to put a rev box on it to get some more power but the stator is out of my knowledge.

  • You get what you pay for. I bought Ricky stator when mine went bad. Put the RS in and it was no good. Same thing happened to my buddy but he checked his before he put his in. Oem is the most reliable and effective. Rev box isn't worth it. Warriors have no Rev limiter. They hit a certain rpm and the valves float.

  • I had what you need where are you located I could check on shipping

  • Larry Aguilar II will one u have fit a 97 warrior if so what price wmspt pa

  • Zoom zoom are good there like 40. I had mine 4yrs when mine went but I think It was my fault battery had no water in it ya dumbass . But I bought a neither one. DONT GET A CALTIC THERE JUNK. I have a rev box on my warrior been on last 8yrs I like it but everyone has there own opinions

  • Larry aguilar I'm from Albrightsville pa 18210

  • I like RMStator. Never had a problem.