What s the best way to get a front axel on a 84 225dx out This thing is stuck...


What's the best way to get a front axel on a 84' 225dx out. This thing is stuck I've been beating it with a rubber mallet but it does not budge. Any ideas?

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  • Heat and lube

  • K it seems to be stuck on opposite side from brake

  • Take forks out of triple tree and pull off fork, then spacer then it should come out. Had to do that on a honda 200e as the bolt would not move at all.

  • Just did it yesterday. Air chisel works wonderful

  • What part should I heat?

  • The outside. Not the axle. Hopefully it'll help. May ruin bearings but not sure how else without a press

  • It's stuck because your axle is bent. Do what Greg Musson said and unbolt your forks from the triple tree and slide them out than it will come right apart. Heat and beating just puts unnecessary stress on your front end components

  • This sounds like the way to go thanks guys.

  • I've removed several of them and honestly it's the easiest way, no fighting, no stress, 20min and done

  • Cool

  • Mine was stuck around the spacer. I beat the shit out of it, heated it up, used oil and everything. Just take the fork tubes off it come out a lot easier

  • My axle wasn't bent just build up in between my axle and spacer. Once I got it apart I put the nut end of the axle I'm my vice and turned the spacer with a pipe wrench and penetrating oil and it popped off.

  • Heat