What s the best way to lower my 86 3 4 inches


What's the best way to lower my 86 3-4 inches?

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  • Boots with four inch heels?

  • oh and forgot any inches u lower is more hight for u to lift the bike onto the center stand

  • just one word of advice bud. if u lower the bike by the suspension and not the subframe. u will lose ground height and scrape your pegs or hit bottom of the headers... over bumps etc..... just my thoughts

  • Let the air out of your tyres....lol.

  • Honestly, I can't imagine riding a lowered FJ 1200. Period. I would not have footpegs or an exhaust system left after a couple of weeks. I guess it all depends on where you ride.

  • couldn't agree more Joseph Berk iv raised mine over 4 inches on the rear. I absolutely hate how fast it would bottom out. and besides the lower the bike the worst it will handle

  • The only way is upholstering the seat and lower the padding. A Corbin seat make for a lower position too. Any other solution, i.e long dogbones, shorter shock... will ruin the handling

  • My legs are long enough...

  • Most FJ owners raise the rear end. Improves handling. If you are doing it just for looks...... A fat tire mod and raised rear end looks awesome.

  • Fred - where you buy white glasses for front blinkers?

  • They are very hard to come by for the 3cv. The only place that I know to get them is parts4motorcycles.de I think they only get 1 or 2 sets a year and You have to be lucky and catch the parts there.

  • Fred Greenlee OK :) I try it :) Your FJ is as my FJ :) '89 :)