What s the difference between 84 and 85. Other than paint change


What's the difference between 84 and 85? Other than paint change

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  • 12 months. Hope this helps

  • Nothing!!

  • Minor changes to the Pistons, stiffer fork springs and carb jetting in some countries.

  • 3 parts of bugger all. As far as I know it was just changing the stamp from a 84 to 85

  • As has already been said , absolutely nothing changed . Not sure where Palle got his info from but the engines have been the same throughout the range . As for the fork springs , they are shite in all of them unless you up grade yourself . The only place with different jetting is Switzerland , because of the climate . I am running swiss size jets here in the UK to get better fuel economy .

  • I have the info from Yamahas original parts catalog for the 84 and the 85. I assume that is a trust worthy source...

  • ...and btw the engines have not been the same throughout the range. Changes were made to e.g. transmission, clutch cover, engine mounting brackets and other bits and pieces I can't remember right now. It is the same engine, but Yamaha did certainly make small improvements/adjustments during the FJ's lifetime. And of course not forgetting the change from 1100 to 1200 :-)