What s the easiest way to get a seat cover on without getting wrinkles in in it


What's the easiest way to get a seat cover on without getting wrinkles in in it? I'm working with an attack grippers seat cover. Wrinkles are occurring in the slope? Any ideas?

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  • The top corners are fitted. It's a damn pain. I heard throw it in the dryer so the material will stretch it.

  • Or hair drier a little heat always helps

  • I put mine on and stretched it as best I could there were still some minor wrinkles in the middle of the saddle ride it a couple days and it will stretch it out then just pop your staples in the back and you can pull the slack out and tack it back down

  • Heat gun / hair dryer

  • Mine is good just creases were the seat is missing foam

  • Put it in the sun it will take the wrinkles out

  • I got it fixed with the blow dryer. Like I said there are just dips in my foam now where foam is missing.

  • It's a bitch. I've done 5 of them. Starts with front, then pull the back taught and staple that. Then work on the front corners, pull them as tight as you can and staple and keep pulling and stapling. Try rolling the tinkles off around the side and staple. My hands hurt like a bitch when it's all said and done.

  • Oh, and once I have the front and back stapled, I spray adhesive on the cover and the foam from the sides.

  • Like I said I got it. Took 2 of us but we got it with a blow dryer and lot of pushing and pulling and more blow drying. Thanks for all the help guys.