What s the latest on stereo upgrades for the Deluxe. What have you guys done

What's the latest on stereo upgrades for the Deluxe? What have you guys done? Time to discuss once again...

  • Why Kicker Don? I once bought the Polk Audios but they were too wide. I'm sure any name brand would be better than stock but I want something that gives me clarity, a bit more bass and a bit more volume. Having a hard time deciding since I can't hear any of the choices.

  • Yes, the speakers are still a mystery. I've read all that others have posted here and I found three that seem to fit, Kicker and Pioneer and MTX. I've never heard any of them and reviews are all pretty good.......so it's kind of a guess. Maybe more people will weigh in, but most like theirs and that's the only ones they have heard.

  • Have you ever heard Harley Davidson stereos? I hate to say it but they do it right (of course you pay 3 times more for it than you should). Wondering if I could retrofit their speakers....

  • Steve, I was reading amp reviews on Amazon and several were from Harley owners. I would say most of them thought the upgrades made theirs better too. I have not heard one myself. I think this stereo project may carry through the winter.......I really want to buy the right stuff. Keep me posted on what you find.

  • I was gonna buy the Kickers, but someone beat me to it. Not disappointed in the Pioneer though

  • Don, this project has carried on for me since I bought my bike! Haha! I find that as time goes by, I don't get any new information.

  • Pioneers were a definite upgrade. On a 400 mile trip at 70ish we had no problems hearing music. Having said that, I'd love to replace the amp.... If I knew exactly where it was and if it's a simple swap out. I've done car amps before, so I assume it would be similar on our bikes?

  • Jonathan, someone on here has done it, that's where I came up with the Rockford amp. Search this group for Rockford and I think you'll find his post about installation.

  • I don't know what to think about this. I have the 2015 and I find myself lowering the volume because otherwise I think it's too loud even at Hwy speeds. I must have pretty good hearing. Although, I have a friend that has the 2014 model and she says my speakers sound better than hers. Is there a difference? Has anybody notice?

  • Good question! Mine is a 2013 and although it's okay, there's room for opportunity. I'd like to know if the speakers have been upgraded for 2015+ models.