What s your opinion on wheelies guys There seems to be a debate about dropping...


What's your opinion on wheelies guys? There seems to be a debate about dropping the clutch or the power wheelie? Iv tried doing a power wheelie in 1st got her up abit but nothing to brag about hah is it just me or is anyone scared to drop that clutch thinking it's gonna go ass up like a donkey hahah

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  • Just practice it, try at 5k then 6k blah blah

  • Also you don't want to do it from stand still, get rolling a bit and don't just pull the clutch in all the way then drop it all at once. You want to like slip the clutch a bit then drop it from like 40-60% kind of thing. But don't be an idiot and just slip it for an extended period of time

  • Not really a great bike for wheelies...... needs bigger gearing, lighter front end, etc etc ....... try a super moto......

  • I had a old honda cbr250rr fire blade , that was Carbys and that was so hard to do a wheelie! Took some serious balls to drop the clutch at like 10k rpm but she got up hah

    Now Iv bought the fz6r and you can defiantly notice a difference being fuel injected just I bought her brand new a month ago and don't want to damage her hha

  • I power up.

  • I power wheelie 1st to 2nd. Dunlop q3's I did a couple clutch wheelies. Can't hold a wheelie for shit though.

  • Go on my youtube channel.. Pete1987pl i have a bunch of weelie vids from when i was learning couple seasons ago.. Personaly clutch is safer and more controlable. Also when starting weelies start small and work ur way up. Power ur just chasing it out. U wanna clutch up to or close to balance point.

  • Yeh I had a 250rr aswell and had to dump it at like 13k lol or standup preload front forks and just accelerate hard

  • Clutch up. I'm at second gear about 3000 4000 rpm and yank it up and always cover that break.

  • I cat walk 2nd gear at a constant 55-60mph for miles power only I like having a clutch

  • Don't do wheelies- so rolling burnouts!