What size is the dragstar 650 handlebar and the grips which will fit a custom...


What size is the dragstar 650 handlebar and the grips which will fit a custom model.

7/8 or 1"? :)

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  • Ah great, Thanks! :)

    I just needed someone to confirm this, so controlswitches and such will also fit :D

  • They all run 1" bars

  • Oh, and the throttle tube, does that go with the grip, or is the removable? :) for using something as the Biltwell rubbergrips :)

  • Its a separate piece

  • Also, use hairspray when fitting new grips.

  • You can replace the throttle grip easy enough just a couple of screws. If you are just replacing the rubber you will want 26mm and 30mm for the throttle

  • Alright, im not near the bike right now, but when i was with it last time (got it very recently) it looked like the grip on the throttleside was solid piece :)

    I appreciate the help!

  • If it's solid then just go for a direct aftermarket replacement with all in one throttle twist and grip. Loads on ebay

  • I will try to look into that :) I like the idea of a retro inspired look, the biltwell whiskey throttlegrip seems rather expensive, i will try to source and original xvs throttletube :)

  • You can get a plastic tube from eBay. Then you can put any grip over that. Cost me £5 from China

  • That will do

  • Awesome!

  • Thank you!

  • haha shit, the shipping on that thing!!! XD i was blind..

  • Fromwhere did you get yours mate?

  • China! I'll see if I can find the link

  • Cheers! :D

  • Sent you the link mate via pm

  • Plus Back comb your hair into a beehive.

  • I don't get it