What would cause this to happen to a brand new piston and no I wasn t running...


What would cause this to happen to a brand new piston and no I wasn't running to hard

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  • Lol idk but he got chewed a new one major mess up

  • And as someone mentioned earlier generally the crank bearings will lock before top end damage so expect to replace your mains and crank as well.

  • Lol might as well sell it for 500 bucks

  • I rebuilt an Ag 100 that I'm 99% sure the person that owned it didn't know about the oil premix tank. Came to me with an empty oil tank and locked solid main bearings on the crank but the top end was still in good condition.

  • Man I'm already 900 in the hole on top of the 800 I bought the bike for i don't no how much more my wallet can take

  • Nicco Brancaccio not sure but looking at the photo is that a plated cylinder or a very thin steel sleeve? u will see it change from steel to aluminum with a sleeve. .. often with sleeved and plated both will have aluminum left on the bore when you seize a motor if not removed it will cause a tight bore seize,,this could be what happen to you.. this Aluminum can be removed with miriatic acid with q-tip....it will smoke until it eats the aluminum but will not hurt the steel or plating..use caution and wash it off with water the use wd-40 to remove the water.

  • Ok thank u

  • Have a shop measure the bore for taper(wear in the middle of the stroke)

  • Oil to gas mix

  • The bore has to be machined and honed to fit the pisron whenever you sleeve a cylinder. They come in a standard size. Also, the power valve has to be cut. You can have it bored if not too deep. Wiseco makes oversized pistons. The work has to be done by a good shop that truly understands these things. Only one person that I trust to do this method, but it costs almost as much as a new cylinder plus a new one that is plated is more beneficial in the long run