What your worst injury since riding dirt bikes


What your worst injury since riding dirt bikes??????

Mines is a leg scrap..

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  • I broke my heart one time when i sold a yz...

  • lol

  • Both collar bones ankle tailbone hip and pelvis. With numerous scrapes

  • Broke collar bone and cracked 2 ribs.

  • Jeez Ronald, how long have you been riding for? A couple of weeks ?

  • Geoff Faulkner since I was 7

  • Jeez Ronald Joseph, you've led a charmed life then. I wouldn't even like to think about my list and I consider that I haven't crashed much. I'd consider my worst to either be a clean snapped collarbone with the ends about three inches apart and pointing in opposite directions after getting off my YZ125 over the front flat in 5th gear or my arm ripped open to the bone for about 6 inches down my forearm and 18 stiches holding it back together after getting off the same YZ over the back flat in 6th gear down a gravel road.

  • Worst injury since starting mx was at work chopped my thumb off worst injury on the bike broken ankle and wrist separate accidents

  • OUCH Brian! :D ....Ain't that fun, after all


  • Blown knee acl shattered my foot broken shoulder two separate separations 5 broken wrist compressed disc in back dislocated collarbone with shoulder separation and broken collar bone hemoragiing retina right eye four broken ribs and I'll still hang with the best of them lol. Never going to quit it is the only thing that I can do to escape reality for a few min.