Whats more comfortable kuryakyn swingwings pegs. Or kuryakyn mustache bar


Whats more comfortable kuryakyn swingwings pegs? Or kuryakyn mustache bar?

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  • Neither, kyr sucks.

  • The swing out kurykan pegs don't come out far enough for your legs I have a set I my garage collecting dust for that very reason not sure the mustache bar would be much different and messes the look of the raider

  • I'm 5'7". Love my swing wings

  • Well I'm 5'9" not sure how that works being I'm almost to short but to each there own just saying you shouldn't have to strattle the bike highway pegs you should be able to kick your feet out ...maybe I'm talking about a different peg here's the ones I had one there last year before I went chrome crazy with custom parts these pegs flat out serve no purpose they duck

  • Suck

  • Love the mustache bar. I have it with full floorboards. You could also use the swing pegs with it.

  • I have these for sale.. never been opened

  • I don't know why anyone would say the Swing Wings don't come out far enough. I'm 6'5" .

  • Yeah earlier I stated it must be a different peg from kurykan that mounts to the frame the one in your picture is part of the peg I have floorboards my bad for the confusion

  • As you can see they are a pair and new in package...kuryakyn flip down flame pegs...I paid $120...id take $80

  • No worries.

  • I bought some adapters for kuryakyn, wanna sell those pegs?

  • Adapters from kurykan please,let me know I bought some spacers but need to locate a longer bolt