Whats the called that goes in that hole


Whats the called that goes in that hole

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  • believe me but research it, it takes more energy for a spark to travel while under a high atmospheric pressure. When your plug is installed and that piston heads north with the valves closed, it creates a lot of pressure (compression), it makes it harder for the spark to occur. secondly when you crank your engine w/o a plug installed it takes less energy to rotated the energy, therefore the stator can produce more energy and send it to the capacitor in the CDI, and once two revolutions occur the CDI will send that energy to the ignition coil, which jumps it up to the 3/10kv that you need to spark that plug. So slower rotating speed less energy all around, add compression on top of that, Intermitten, weak spark in the combustion chamber,,,,,,,I know long story,,,,,,, I have built stand alone CDI modules, no stator needed oh and mapable with the option to switch maps on the fly

  • Ok makes sense. If my stator wires had gotten rubbed bare and tacted each other could that ruin a stator?

  • oh I guess, depends on which wires, could produce a high load on a coil in it and ruin the insulation

  • Well my flywheel rubbed the two white wire the blue wire but i tapped them up and put it back together and it started sparking so I put it back together,and this

  • so why into the carb then?

  • It started sparking once I tapped them up. I put everything back together drove about 100 ft and died. Iv been needing to put bigger jets in my carb but haven't had time so i figured my carb was my problem now

  • what is in there with that stator? Its a liquid and a conductor? oil, it can reduce spark energy. you can pm me if you want

  • I Pmed you

  • Is it happening when you punch it from like 1/4 throttle?

  • It's not starting because you fuck that little bass piece up