When I do my mini service I am going to replacing the air filter Does the K N...

When I do my 'mini service' I am going to replacing the air filter. Does the K&N Air filter have any benefits of the stock one? Thanks...

K&N Air Filter - £35

Iridium Spark Plug - £7

Oil Filter - £5.50

Castrol Power 1 Racing Oil (4L) - £36.50

(Approx cost of £80-£90 for service).

Am I missing anything worth doing?

Also, when should I do this - currently only at 1100 miles.

  • lol might start charging to do it very exclusive because my friend was the first to do it as he created it removes restrictors from airbox and throttle body need to take the tank of to do so very easy takes around 15 mins to do you guys message me and when i get time ill show you

  • Won't let us but, sounds good fella. Could of swore blind there is no restrictions on the bike except cdi.. Let us know whenever you get time

  • will do mate yep blanking pipes on airbox and throttle drawing air out of them so this mod allows no air to escape and virtually forces air in will work well with a k&n or aftermarket filter plus if you only use your bike for social use and only in the dry just take your airbox lid of that helps aswell

  • Your talking about the ' egr ' valve as they call it on the exhaust drawing air . The ones which help reduce the toxins in the exhaust emissions ? The exhaust bung mod ?

  • nope left that on mine make the exhaust pop and bang more more pipes lol

  • Ahaha oh god well look forward to hearing about it fella

  • still have one of the pipes in my collection ill post that aswell

  • Cool I'm looking forward to seeing what it is

  • When it comes to changing my exhaust, is it best to continue to connect that small pipe with the emissions or cap it off?

  • if i put an aftermarket on mine i might cap it put a bolt in and weld it or whatever