When I was riding in to work this morning on my 2013 SCL I pulled out from my...

When I was riding in to work this morning on my 2013 SCL , I pulled out from my road onto the main highway, got in the passing lane because someone was in the right lane. I noticed that they followed beside me slightly behind me four 15–20 seconds, And then the guy come beside me and was giving me a thumbs up and I could hear his lips moving saying "nice bike".

It made me feel really great. I gave him a thumbs up and honked my horn. It's not the first time it's ever happened. I guess us Raider riders knows how that feels.

  • I like it when they ask what is it and I say YAMAHA RAIDER 1900...then you get that 5 second pause and they grin and say 1900?..and I grin back and say yea it's a big block...

  • Tell um 113 cubic in of rice burning ... throws um all off.

  • I'm having to work this weekend, wrote in this morning. But yesterday evening before I got home I saw a fellow motorcycle enthusiast stranded on the side of the road. He was having somebody to come with a trailer to haul his motorcycle back to his house. And of course the motorcycle was a.......HD!

  • I went to a car show last weekend I park my bike along all of these Harley Davidsons, when I came back from the show a bunch of little kids were gathered around my motorcycle just ohhing and awing all over her just made me proud...

  • At 12 years old they already have great taste in motorcycles

  • Just picked up a new pair of boot magnets for any harley riders out there. ..il sell them cheap I don't needem I ride a raider.....lolololol

  • I can't even stop for gas without SOMEONE saying... hey nice bike! I've made a game of it... my record is six people AT THE SAME TIME.

  • Almost EVERYTIME I have my bike parked and go to get on it. Someone is creepin on it and waiting on me to get out of the store or wherever I am to ask questions and tell me how badass she is. Gotta love the #RaiderLove

  • Most annoying question. "Is that a Harley"?

  • Just got asked that today