When these bikes have 2nd gear problems does the gear disengage and you have...


When these bikes have 2nd gear problems, does the gear disengage and you have physically shift back into it? I'm have a 2nd gear issue but it feels more like the clutch is slipping at peak torque. Note I don't have to put it back in gear.

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  • From your description, the clutch is slipping. There are a few options to get better engagement. 1st and foremost....Motorcycle specific engine oil. Shell Rotella T Diesel oil also will work just fine. Automobile oils have friction modifiers and will cause your clutch to slip. Stay away from Barnett brand clutch fiber discs. OEM Yamaha, EBC, Ferodo are much better. With a known good clutch pack, add a 2nd clutch spring. Remove the inner most narrow fiber disc and replace it with a wide fiber disc. Remove the piano wire while you are in there. It is not needed and can cause problems later. Replace the OEM pressure plate with a Barnett or A.P.E. Pressure plate with Barnett heavy duty springs.

  • Typical 2nd gear issue will 'slip out' and back in again. feels more like a loose chain slipping over it's sprockets. At least that was the case with my '84 1100 before I fixed it.

  • It is exactly like you describe it. It jumps out and back in under load. It is unfortunately not the clutch.

  • If the clutch is slipping you can get a new spring plate fairly cheaply. Get an FJR plate if you want one that's a bit more robust. It's an easy swap.

  • Mine popped out and into neutral

  • My 93 1200 has a Barnett clutch installed by the original owner 30,000 miles,going strong...

  • i read somewhere how to fix this permanently.

  • Didn't the 2nd gear issue only affect early 12's and the 11's? Mine did it at an inopportune moment and meant I lost a drag race with a porsche. On closed roads, obviously...

  • Andy, the 2nd gear problem was fixed for the 1988/1989 model years.

  • 84-85 1100

    They thought they had it fixed in mid 86, they were wrong, took to 89 to get better. By 93 they started getting it right and upgraded pretty much everything when they went xjr.

  • Does it jump when it does that? Mine let's go and comes back in real smoothly.

  • Hmm mine doesn't so maybe I'm lucking out with a clutch

  • Thanks for the info