• Where is our crankcase vent line vacuum line located I m looking to do small...

    Where is our crankcase vent line/vacuum line located? I'm looking to do small breather or "puke can" to prevent blow by. Any help or info is appreciated as always. Thank yall.

    • I haven't heard of any blow by unless you have the BAK.

    • thing's that make's you say what

    • The vstar has a line on the head. I see the line on ours actually runs from auxiliary fuel tank to head. I dropped a k&n filter, left cover off, raised tank in front. So it's definitely getting a lot more air. My exhaust has baffles removed, all of that makes the air and exhaust move more. I can tell a difference. And I have Cobra powrpro.

    • I have the k&n, had the lid removed but put it back on, till I can get ivan's flash and the PCFC. Also have the reaper tips. I wouldn't worry about the breather unless you see a problem.

    • There is a problem, blow by/loss of oil/ misting out exhaust and I see it on concrete when I first start bike. I can't find any info or videos online.

    • The breathers that came with this intake mounted on hoses that came off the stock airbox, I get a bit of oil from those sometimes!

    • I need to take tank off and have a good look at it. I just wanted to be prepared and knowledgeable beforehand.

    • That's Patrick racing?

    • Nope...


    • Bradley, I'm no mechanic but if it's coming out the exhaust, you may have a bigger problem.