Where is the best place to get the driver door latch


Where is the best place to get the driver door latch?

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  • Dealer should replace them. I did mine long before the recall and the Wolverine latches work

  • It's not a recall it's a service something. They will fix it free it you take it dealer with a problem but will not put out a recall.

  • I think recalls are made when it is a safety issue and there is significant potential for injuries

  • Yup that sounds right

  • Yea they are going to replace them there is a soft recall if they are broke they replace them they looked up the vin and ours was one of them

  • It's under warranty for life I'm on my second set already....Northern Ontario is a Cold place .

  • It's not for life from what Yamaha told me about the display on My grizzly. I had to plead with them because the service bulletin expired in January and my display went up in August.

  • My dealer told me until the day she's traded in or Sold they will warranty them??? Guess it's a dealers choice then

    RL EQUIPMENT Verner Ontario Canada's

  • Could be I absolutely hate the service department at the dealer I bought mine at.

  • I have a dealer in my town of Sudbury that there costumer services is lacking big time .Therefore I go too RL EQUIPMENT that is 1hr drive away from home because costumer service is awesome and I've purchase all my Yamaha toys from..