Which exhaust

Which exhaust?

1. Ct sonic

2. Toomey b1

3. DMC alien

  • Decisions decisions

  • Odd I could have swore the Vito's packaging had a dyno graf on it

  • That's the one I was thinking of

  • Don't waste your money on a stupid key, you can do a mod for free, and be able to alter the timing if you need to set it back some.

  • Google, Yamaha Blaster timing advance, it is a simple job of enlonging the locating holes 3mm for a 4deg advance.

    If you need to spend some money why not get a new stator plate that allows you to advance the timing.

    Save your money and do the free mod.

  • I used the Vito key and it doesn't fit the key is to thick to fit in crank slot had to file key very care full for it to work.

  • Eric, both you and I know, and numerous others that it is junk, just trying to save a guy some hard earned cash.

  • I just bought the plate and upgraded stator as with filing the holes its hard to file in a perfect radius and I wanted to be able to add a 8 in 36w led light bar to the handle bar and its amazing if you ride at night the stock stator is tapped out from the factory

  • Precision is what sets a f1 car apart from just being a pile of scrap but I'm a perfectionist my work demands I be that way so do it once and do it right is the moto that has been beat into my head