Which model. standard bolt bolr r spec bolt c spec. did you choose and why

Which model (standard bolt, bolr r-spec, bolt c-spec) did you choose and why?

Also, any way to get ABS installed on the bolt?

  • 14 r spec uk version in green with black front and rear fenders. came with abs. perfect bike now i done the ivan flash and v&h twin staggered exhaust :-)

  • i've got an "R" with flat grey gastank ,my dealer sold them last year for the price of the "standard bolt",in germany you only get them with abs !after some modifications it looks so....

  • 2016 R-spec green, touring setup (sissy bar, bags and windshiled). i wanted it full optionals :-) In Italy, the R has the ABS.

  • White

  • Can you tell me more about ivans flash? Does it feel like a whole new bike power wise? How long did it take an how much it cost?

  • Standard because I wanted the blue tank.

  • 14 R Spec Grey as was six months old and only secondhand one for sale at the time. Changed everything to black (shocks and trim) also done the Ivan's flash (Simo's in Greece, Ivan not doing Australia at that time} http://www.ivansperformancepro ducts.com and other mods

  • not just more power throughout every gear and rpm its smoother and im getting more miles to the tank. just feels as it should for a vtwin 950 :-)

  • Mine is a green R-spec.By it in a Motorshow.Have gange the color etc...Here she is today.

  • Love that color!!

  • 14 R grey.... Loved the color and brought it late last year..... Good price.... Though paying a bit more for insurance as I only have M2 licence(Canadian screwing system).... I was willing to wait for this year, but for the color.

    Loving it.... No ABS.

  • 15 cspec silver. Sold my vulcan (my first bike) wanted to buy my buddies r6. Really wanted a sport bike. Wife wouldnt let me. Pops sold his harley and bought a stryker and convinced me to buy a new bike. Saw the bolt and fell in love. Chose the cspec because it had a sportier ride stance. Still want a sport bike though lol

  • Thank you.As you see I love orange.A pic from my old Honda Steed.25year..

  • Everyone happy

  • Blue '15 Standard. Because it was $1,000 cheaper than the R-spec. I bought the Bolt because it's the coolest looking motorcycle in the engine size range that I wanted. And being able to comfortable flat foot as a short guy is important.