Who can help me make my 225 Dr yamaha start I ll pay


Who can help me make my 225 Dr yamaha start I'll pay ??

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  • Oscar Myer manuals is a big help. Also yea what's it doing. Start with spark and back track from there

  • I think it needs a new ignition switch

  • Does it have any spark?

  • How are you trying to start it? I wouldn't worry about the electric start for now. From other posts it looks like your wiring might not be all there and it is not worth your time to mess with electric start yet. First get the thing to run with the pull starter. First step like others have said is check to make sure you have spark.

  • So o try to start it with out the ignition right

  • My ignition fell off and it still starts how idk but I won't fix what's not broken I'm on my 350x tear down right now . Yammy is set and sleepin

  • How you get it to start

  • Just pulled idk how or why it still runs. But its a champion lol... if youhave wiring skills cross out your ignition and try. You could have a bad coil. Check the wires in your kill switch. When I get snow in mine its fussy

  • Really we need more info on what's going on...a volt tester will really help to see

  • Alright inbox me