Who has changed their sprockets Does the bike have more torque Do you need to...

Who has changed their sprockets ? Does the bike have more torque? Do you need to dyno the bike after to retune the mapping?

  • Changing sprockets doesn't change anything in ur engine. So your torque will always be the same,

    When u change the sprockets it just moves your power band earlier or later in the rev range

  • Perhaps you are referring to going up or down a tooth in the front or back sprockets for quicker acceleration or lower rpm in hwy

  • What would give a faster acceleration?

  • yeah, Brice that's what i'm referring to.

  • Okay well I believe it is if you go down a tooth up front or up a tooth in the back you will add that quicker acceleration however effect the top end power... or you can go up one upfront and down one in the back and have more top end power.. I do not believe you have to re map anything after a sprocket change.

  • Larger rear sprocket will give u better accel..... although u will trade higher rpms at the top end thus lowering your overall top speed. I don't know what your objective is but if u are looking for power, get a pcv or jb. Even with stock air and exhaust, u will see a noticeable difference.

  • a pcv or jb?

  • those aren't words.

  • Lol!!!! Power commander or juicebox. They are fuel management systems. Bike naturally runs lean which reduces power. Add better fuel mapping and the bike will run better and have more power. U still can get great economy as well, u just are basically tuning the fuel trim to have the engine runs better. U don't have to have an exhaust to have one. I personally think this is the best "mod" for the bike. Overall u just can't lose. Bang for buck, change the fuel trim. It's not difficult to do, and all u need is a laptop.

  • They are so words!

    Well in the motorcycling world they are! Lol