Who has replaced the factory springs with an aftermarket kit. And which kit


Who has replaced the factory springs with an aftermarket kit? And which kit ?

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  • Eibach stage 2 and what a difference

  • I put eibach stage 2 on my yxz

  • Weller KOH Set

  • Alba racing, love mine now, 4000 miles on it since Nate Martinez and Fox did my shocks.

  • You should go for Eibach setup , contact Ryan Hoegner and he will hook you up , they have an awesome setup , springs & sway bars.

  • Ideally you want your spring to match your valving so if you plan on valving make sure you get the whole package.

    Springs on stock valving only improves ride a little bit. But valving over stock springs greatly improves handling and jumping.

  • I have had eibach stg 2 springs over stock valving and wasn't impressed.

    Got Weller valving with stock springs now and I was blown away, WAY better handling and jumping, I can safely hit quad jumps if I keep my foot into it through the jump.

    With thier springs along with it I bet it's unbelievable. Kyle Anderson

  • The eibach sway bars too :)

  • If you want a total package including sway bars, Double E are suspension wizards. Anthony Rick II

  • 2nd that.

  • The best setup you can get , Eibach springs and Eibach sway bars

  • Unrelated question...but I keep noticing your cage in your pics. What kind is it? That is one of the coolest looking cages I've seen.

  • That's good info...I hadn't heard this. I was thinking of re-springing first, but now you've got me wondering if I should re-valve first. But if my quad sells, I'll probably just go ahead and do both. LOL

  • Grant STV Motorsports did my cage , bumpers, they built my car from the scratch, help me to install all the lights, springs etc . Great people and customer service

  • Awesome. Too bad they're on the other side of the country.

  • All depends on budget and if you want to ship your shocks out. Eibach stage 2 does wonders, especially with the Eibach bars. If you want the next step in performance, I highly recommend the KOH Weller valving and spring setup... With the Eibach bars.