Who here rides using clutchless shifting


Who here rides using clutchless shifting?

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  • If your doing it clutchless, you won't be doing it for long....

  • This is starting to feel like we are beating a dead horse haha.

    Ive already agreed to disagree.

    People need to stop acting out on emotion instead of using their noggins.

  • That's impossible sammo, it takes too much of the brain's processing power to both stop acting out on emotion and also use one's noggin. If you try to do this while clutching, the result could be disastrous! Please, for your safety, don't noggin and clutch.

  • But. But. But....okaaaaaaaay.

  • (Excuse us who haven't read through 2 pages of emo comments.)

  • Lol, Viewing this post on my pc now, it's a bloody article and half. hahaha

  • Brice T - I had a clutchless bike when I was very young.

    The first one I ever rode!

  • nice, first I have heard of them though I aint motorcycle genius like some y'all on here.

  • & Once met a lovely man on a ride who had a bike adjusted just for him due to only having one arm

    So Yep, they do exists

    "Invented" a loooong time ago

  • You can change without clutch but as others have said, prepare for a heart attack when it comes time to replace the mechanism!