Who s got a batwing fairing on their raider lets see some pics I m thinking...

Who's got a batwing fairing on their raider lets see some pics I'm thinking about it as the bullet cowl is impossible to find

  • Who sells the tsukayu batwing for the raider?

  • Got mine from valueaccessories.net

  • Everyone keeps saying they can get the bullet cowl but after they take my money they're like, we're sorry it was available when you ordered it but we don't know what happened, 3 different times already, I'm ready to just move on with my life, although I'm sure as soon as I order the batwing it'll be available

  • I'm off today but let me check tomorrow for you Gabriel!

  • Gabriel, my Yamaha rep has just informed me that the reason your being told they are magically back ordered is because they are being held for shipped unit with crate damage. He is going to call me back with a eta for customer availability. Will let you know what I hear.

  • Lol ok thank you Erik, you good sir have gone far above any other part salesman...i appreciate it very much, but I just ordered a batwing, lol...and I know as soon as it arrives the bullet will be available

  • Hahaha ya that it probably will!

  • I sell parts as well and was just commenting on your awesomeness

  • Right on man I was laughing because you were probably right about it being available as soon as you get the batwing

  • That's how it goes