Who s running this windshield Any issues Any other options for a flip up...


Who's running this windshield? Any issues? Any other options for a flip up shield?

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  • We have sold quite a few with no complaints. Use coupon code "SAVE10" to save 10% at www.sidexsideproducts.com

  • Me, love it. Get the back one too to keep the dust out

  • It's just OK. It needs to pull tight with latches on each end. The single latch in the center does not allow it to snug closed properly like the flip up windshield used on the Can Am maverick.

  • Adjust the bottom window. It seals fine on mine after I did that. Loosen bolts, pull window in tight, then tighten bolts.

  • Any issues at high speed with the shield open?

  • Jeff Burnett when I had a stock cage I tried all that and it never did seal very well. A latch on each end makes all the difference.

  • I don't run with top window open at speed. It has a partial open that works nice. I don't think it will hold up full open at speed. All its hanging on to then is gas struts.

  • It would be nice to have side latches, mine is working good so far.

  • I have a half windshield. Works great. I wear a helmet so no need for a full windshield.

  • Spencer, I run it on mine and am happy with it so far. I can also get them for you. www.trailbrightled.com. shoot me a message for a price.

  • I got mine in August. I've broke both the main bolts the hold the window. The last ride of the year i broke the bar that holds the window up. I would not buy one again.

  • does it flip up far enough to not be in your viewing path?

  • Ehh depends on how tall you are. Myself at 6'2" it wasn't bad

  • Love my OEM 3 position windshield, 4700 miles zero issues!

  • I have the OEM 3 position and it works perfect. I keep it fully closed 90% of the time.